Operation & Maintenance services

Developing a program for periodic maintenance is an essential part of any facility management to extend its efficacy and lifetime function, its devices, and living systems for more…

Single Desk

Engineering Services & Renovation

Engineering and upgrading services Technical studies, evaluation and auditing services to assets, service utilities and related services, thermal, electrical and mechanical Syst…

Janitorial & Hospitality Services

We provide a full range of customized cleaning services for enhancing the appearance and features of high-profile client properties while preserving their investments and 

pest control

Pest Control & Landscaping Services

Pest control services: We provide the best pest control methods for fighting crawling and flying insects, rodents, and stray animals all of which by applying indoor and outdoor sp…

Glass Cleaning Services

Outside Glass Cleaning Services: Cleaning glass facades and windows and cladding efficiently by using cleaning equipment installed on buildings or by applying Spiderman technology…

Spider Technical & Glass Cleaning

Painting services

The “Afaq Al Aseel” company is considered one of the largest agents for Gootin in the Kingdom

Afaq Al Aseel Company provides all paints, decorations and waterproofing services According to the highest international standards by a team of trained technicians With high efficiency according to the requirements of the Saudi market and the Gulf

Blacksmithing work

As a professional, specialized company, we are able to build the best types of hangars and warehouses With international specifications and high quality according to the Saudi Standards and Metrology Organization According to the specifications of the Saudi Cities Authority